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Dominican Sisters of Divine Providence
                   Established in the tradition of St. Dominic

    What do you seek? (John 1:38)

A deep prayer life?

          A life dedicated to others for God?

We are an order of religious sisters established in the tradition of
St. Dominic.

Our main purpose as religious is to be deeply immersed in God through
a serious prayer life, both in quiet contemplation and in daily
celebration of the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours.

            If you seek...

                           to study and reflect on divine truths,

                           to proclaim to the world God's primacy in your life
                           through your wearing of a religious habit,

                           to be totally committed to the Lord by identifying fully
                           with the mind, the teaching and the discipline of the
                           Church He established,

Come and See! (John 1:39)